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I'm a native of Northeast Ohio with roots in the area stretching back over 100 years.  The people of this area are as rich and diverse as the seasons, and they can be just as tough.  One thing's for sure, though -- we take care of our own.  Whether it's preparing a new estate plan, revising your existing plans, administering an estate, or working with small businesses and non-profit organizations, I'm here to help.

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Everyone should have a will, no matter how large or small your estate.  There is so much more to an estate plan than simply deciding who gets your property -- from protecting certain assets to determining guardians for minor children.  Whether you need to start from scratch or update your existing plan, I can help you at all points along the way.


If you've found yourself named as an executor, guardian, or trustee in a loved one's estate plan, I can help you to work through the probate process correctly and as efficiently as possible.


I have worked with several small businesses and non-profit organizations on a variety of matters, from initial setup, modifying their plans as circumstances change, as well as establishing contractual and other relationships with other groups.


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